I never knew how to be a friend. Someone close to me, a beautiful woman inside and out taught me how to be a friend. And I keep learning. I've been very selfish in the past and still can be that way. Progress, not perfection, even though I want and strive for perfection. I now actually having interest in caring about remembering friends birthdays and their children. Anniversaries and dates of importance. Sending flowers, making food, sharing time. Time is the most previous thing you can share with someone. Help in the good and bad times. Hold the baby. Pick up a coffee. Send a card. Stop when two elderly women are stuck in the middle of the road. It's acts of kindness that build self-esteem and it really feels good. I have feelings of care I have not had before and it feels good. Actually it feels amazing! Answering the phone even if it's not the best time. Today, I am reminded I get to be a friend and I will strive to keep getting better.